*Effective January 1st, 2022. All pricing subject to change without notice. All Do it yourself work that will be completed on property will need to be approved by management before it starts. Any dumping or environmental damage will need to be reported and cleaned up at owner’s expense.


Summer Season (April 1st – October 31st)

  • LOA 25ft and smaller: $100/ft
  • LOA 26-30ft: $2,750
  • LOA 31-36ft: $2,850
  • LOA over 36ft: $3,000
  • Moorings: $1,900 (Dinghy Storage Included)
  • Summer Storage (No Travel Lift)
    • $6/ft per month
    • $25/ft per season

*Note: Water and Electric Included

Winter Storage (November 1st – March 31st)

  • Land Storage: $31.50/ft
    • Includes tow to and from marina slip, haul-out, wash, block, and spring launch
  • Wet Storage
    • LOA under 30ft: $850
    • LOA 31-36ft: $1,000
    • LOA over 36ft: $1,100
  • Storage Only (No Travel Lift)
    • $6/ft Per month
    • $25/ft per season

*Note: All boats must have hull and liability insurance

Miscellaneous Storage

  • Trailer Storage: $200/season
  • Dinghy Storage
    • Rack: $50/season
    • Floating Dock: $150/season
  • Outboard Motor Storage: $50/season

Lift Fees

  • Lift, hang, wash, launch: $8/ft
  • Lift, wash, block, launch: $10/ft

Service Fees

  • Yard Labor: $75/hour
  • Skilled Labor: $85/hour
  • Rigging Labor: $95/hour
  • Mast Removal: $200/mast + labor
  • Topside Wash: $6/ft
  • Wash & Wax: $27/ft
  • Wash, Compound, Wax: $37/ft
  • Bottom Paint: $16/ft
  • Call for a quote for any of the below:
    • Propeller Services
    • Sand Blasting
    • Shrink Wrapping
    • Repairing/Cleaning Sails
    • Fiberglass/Paint Services
    • Canvas/Upholstery Services